Youth Empowerment

Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association (GIEVA) is a Youth-Centered-Empowerment Non-Governmental Organization. Its central commitment is to empower the youth for constructive engagement and empowerment for sustainable future through educational, cultural exchange, and collaborative partnership for the development of the youth.

• GIEVA is committed to preparing and developing the youth to appreciate & imbibe values for honesty, creativity, innovation, hard work and beliefs in “share common humanity” through our various training, mentoring, volunteering and partnering programs. Our evolving global society provides opportunities for global youth to interact in an atmosphere of tolerance, share values, cooperation and mutual understanding through educational and cultural exchange programs.
• GIEVA is committed to linking youth groups of the world through Internet network technology to share experiences, resources and skills.
• GIEVA believes that if the youth understand the educational, cultural and economic dynamics of our global world, they will not only be a part of an engine of positive global change, they would also learn to imbibe means to grow “common survival techniques”.
• GIEVA is establishing links with international institutions, educational agencies and publishers to become our partner organizations for the provision preparatory test materials, admission application materials and opportunities; and self-help motivational books & equipment’s.
• GIEVA believes that having sustainable future with integrated development depends largely on a total education of the youth.
• GIEVA believes that new generation of global youth regardless of economic background, nationality, race, religious beliefs, and gender can be harnessed and empowered for the service of humanity through provision of opportunities for easy and equal access to vast global information resources, relevant training and educational/career advising.