Youth Development Program

GIEVA as a Youth Development and Empowerment Center has provision for young, dynamic, and innovative individuals who want to serve as interns in our organization.

Currently our internship provision is between 3-6 months. We operate an open door policy and treat all internship application on merit and based on first come first serve.



The organization also believes in volunteering and Advocacy programs and services, we have over time seen that volunteering is not a popular culture in Nigeria, GIEVA is set to re-position this trend by providing different opportunities and plat forms for young people to Volunteer their  time, resources, and also professional expertise for the course of humanity and development of Nigeria. We also understand the need for advocacy for young people. We want young people to be a voice to be heard.

Young people who what to make a difference in our generation can volunteer here



Leadership enhancement and Academic program LEAP is another program set to motivate and inspire young people who have leadership potentials and have capacity academically to excel. GIEVA identifies these young people through our reach out programs in schools and other social events. Our goal is to mentor such young people to become what they have dreams to become

Short term empowerment Program is an entrepreneurial scheme targeted at young graduates who have the dream to own their own business or start up a business. The program is designed to give competitive advantage to 10 outstanding graduates with the best of ideas and business plan that will be monitored by mentees to allow you succeed in your area of interest.  Each successful candidate will be given a takeoff loan with no interest for at least 2 years. For more information on this program contact the project manager for information .each year

GIEVA also from time to time engage in other youth development activities involving educational outreaches, educational services and other youth related activity that are geared towards the development of the youth.




Gieva from time to time engage in outreach programs with schools. The choices programme is one of such, At inception it was introduced twenty eight Government owned secondary schools within the municipal Area council of Nigeria’s Federal Capital, Abuja 2009.

CHOICES program

CHOICES is a school program designed to re-shape the life style of Nigerian students in secondary school.
Read more about CHOICES here.



GIEVA is the current International Representative for the SAT and ACT in Nigeria. With this partnership with ETS since 2007 we have aided students who seek to study in the United States a platform for easy access to registration materials and preparatory books that will allow them achieve their goals. We also register students for Graduate Record Examination, Test of English as a Foreign Language & Graduate Management Aptitude Test.

About International Examinations

The International examination services provided by GIEVA is not limited to SAT and ACT alone.
Before you get admitted into any graduate school in the U.S, most schools require you write certain examinations especially as it relates to your field of study or chosen career.

Some of these Exams include

  • GRE (graduate)
  • TOEFL (Undergraduate & Graduate)
  • GMAT (MBA Graduate)


  • Scholastic Aptitude entrance Exams written by Candidates who desire to school in the U.S. and other parts of the world.
  • There is the SAT Reasoning Test- withour and without Essay (SAT I) and the SAT II is the subject test.
  • Candidates also willing to transfer their credits also write SAT to study abroad.
  • SAT is currently written in over 14 centers in Nigeria.


  • The ACT is written by Candidates who desire to school in the U.S. only.
  • There is the ACT (Writing and No-writing) tests.
  • ACT is currently written in over 7 centers in Nigeria.

Graduate Record Examination

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test taken by individuals applying for graduate Programmes in social sciences, humanities, Business, education, Literature, Natural Sciences, Engineering and other fields.
  • This exam is the General Test or Subject test. Testing is done at just three locations in Nigeria. Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

For more information on GRE visit or

You can also contact our Gieva office for procedure for registration.

Graduate Management Admission Test

  • Graduate Management Admission Test is administered by Graduate Management Admission Council
  • GMAT is requires for admission to most U.S., Canadian and European business schools and MBA programmes.
  • The result is also needed for admission to business PhD programmes, such as Harvard Business School.
  • GMAT exam does not test any specific knowledge in business or other specified subjects. Its test is the mental intelligence and the ability to make decisions under time and pressure.

For more details on GMAT visit or

Test of English as a Foreign Language

  • Test OEnglish as a Foreign Language.This test measures the ability of non- native speakers of English.
  • It is used to measure your understanding of the language as it is spoken, written or heard.
  • It is Internet Based Test (IBT) made up of reading, listening, Speaking and writing.
  • Each Section of the four is scored over 30 with a total of 120 overall
  • TOEFL is a requirement for most American & American based colleges and University around the world.
  • Over 6000 colleges use TOEFL scores.
  • TOEFL Scores are required by licensing agencies and immigration authorities in 110 countries.

For more information on TOEFL visit or you can send a mail to for registration details.