My Journey So Far

It all began when I graduated from the Federal Government College, Lagos in 2005 and seeking opportunities to get admission into higher institutions in Nigeria. At the end of secondary school, I wrote an entrance examination (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) while seeking admission to one of the government owned universities in Nigeria. I was not given admission despite my particularly good JAMB results. I became frustrated and almost lost hope of ever achieving my educational dream.

Almost several months into the ordeal of search for admission into a Nigeria University, I met a friend of my parents who suggested that I should attend a weekly orientation talk on education organized by the Public Affairs Section of the American Embassy.

In February 2006, I went to the orientation program conducted that day by Daniel Newton Obaka, an Education Director of the Educational Advising Center (EAC). It was a simple and straight forward inspiring talk on educational opportunities in America for all academically qualified Nigerian students irrespective of economic status, gender, or family connections.

I was admitted as a member of the EAC. Within 9 months of membership, I got admission into the University of Wisconsin -Superior to study Pre-Medicine courses in preparation for medical school. In addition, I was offered a good partial scholarship that significantly supported my parents to pay the rest of my education. After one year as a student at the University, I was recognized as an academically outstanding student, with a GPA ranging between 3.75 and 4.00 (Maximum GPA). It was on this journey that I fully regained my almost lost hope. Thanks to staff of the EAC who meticulously guided me to gain admission.

I became one of the student leaders and was able to access work study opportunities and I was awarded more scholarships which assisted my parents.

I graduated in Chemistry with a minor in Philosophy and gave the valedictory speech in 2010. After my graduation, and careful thought, I decided to give up my dream of becoming a Medical Doctor. However, to retain part of my biomedical science related dream I took up the study of Medical Physics and Medical Health Physics at Masters’ level and successfully completed in May 2020.  I visit medical hospitals providing technical support for therapeutic and diagnostic medical procedures and treatments as a member of a team of health care professionals.

I took on my passion- empowering young people to aspire for excellence. I got married and started raising a family. I set up a business called “Learning Institute for Excellence” (LIFE) to build platforms for inspiring any student, no matter how he/she hates mathematics, will begin to like it, and excel. To deepen my understanding,  

Today, with a loving wife and six children, I live in Wisconsin working in four critical areas that LIFE seeks to make an impact: Mastery of Academic Content, Talent Development Innovation, Advanced Reasoning Skills, and Organizational/Study skills.

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Inspiring and motivating students to pursue excellence as a twenty-first century mindset through motivational talks, I have a working relationship with the GIEVA Organization (a non-governmental organization) to run summer camps/programs to bring together students from the US to Nigeria in a study exchange program/opportunity. At the same time, Nigerian students from poor families are assisted to meet college admission standards to gain full/substantial scholarships to study in the United States.