When the Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association (GIEVA) started operation 2007 as non-governmental organization, we discover that there was little or no platforms to inspire volunteers to engage in the noble cause of community-centered services for common good.  Creating and reimagining a model to inspire the army of unemployed and under-employed university graduates, the GIEVA-Volunteers-Ambassador Program (GVAP) was started with the following objectives:

  • Engage the unemployed and under-employed armies of university, polytechnics, secondary school graduates in science, technology, engineering. & mathematics (STEM) to acquire practical training and gain job skills through the volunteering scheme in readiness for effective workforce participation.
  • Mobilize the unemployed and under-employed university graduates towards green agro-allied innovation, clean energy, biomedical sciences, and information technology through appropriate mentoring and training in readiness for internship and gainful employments with partner organizations.

The GVAP enables Volunteer -Ambassadors to share stories about GIEVA Organization’s current educational impacts and its potential for long term socio-economic transformation for common good.

GVAP represents GIEVA Organization as volunteers and ambassadors to share this vision and inspire others to do the same.  They are the ambassadors to call on and invite others for support.

GVAP mobilizes and trains the children of the common farmers and extreme poor families in the underserved rural communities to engage in constructive education for change.

GVAP is the CITIZEN Response Group – A Frontline volunteers for Common Good.

Mission of GIEVA Organization

At not-for-profit GIEVA organization, our mission is preparing and inspiring new generation of African youth for constructive engagement and empowerment for sustainable future in the service of humanity through networking, partnership, educational & cultural exchange, advocacy, and volunteerism.

Our Volunteering adventures engage expert instructors, business/community leaders, and mentors to provide extraordinary access that inspires and stimulates passion for volunteering among new generation of youth and generate friendship among people for whom volunteering is a building bridge between the community and the volunteers for common good. 

Mission of the Volunteer- Ambassador Program (V-A-P)

The mission of the V-A- P:

  • To identify corporate organizations, individuals, business companies, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies to Inspire young people to see the world with positive vision and imbibe a mindset to build a sustainable society for common good through volunteering, mentoring, and advising.
  • To share their experiences with their peers and colleagues about GIEVA Organization and how the organization empower young Africa leaders through education, volunteering, and entrepreneurial building.

Definition Volunteer-Ambassador (V-A)

An authorized representative of GIEVA Organization anywhere in Nigeria, Africa, and in other part of the world.


Through Volunteering involvements in the community, and personal interactions, Volunteers/Ambassadors promote GIEVA Organization’s empowering education advising and mentoring through self-giving and service in their local communities and beyond with the goal of preparing them to become inspired to recognize the value of volunteering and job creating skills for common good.

Volunteer-Ambassador Requirements:

• Attend two seminar/workshop programs, preferably one domestic and one international via online delivery

Complete/sign Volunteers-Ambassador Agreement Application form to:

• Serve a minimum of one-year commitment 

• Participate in GIEVA Volunteers/Ambassador Webinars from 

• Have digital online access

GIEVA Volunteer- Ambassador Benefits

Mileage Reimbursement

GIEVA Organization will reimburse Volunteer-Ambassador (V-A) for mileage to and from speaking engagements and other events or activities. 

GIEVA Organization will reimburse for all expenses of events organized by V-A to promote GIEVA Organization in the community

Our standard is to pay mileage electronically, via direct deposit. Reimbursing in this manner — rather than printing and mailing checks to save paper, reduce processing and mailing costs, and ensure reliable receipt and immediate access to funds for V -A’s events and programs.

To set up direct deposit, visit the online G -V-A Resource Center and complete and return the direct-deposit form to, Financial Director, at Account@gieva.org.

To request reimbursement, please send an email to GIEVA Volunteer-Ambassador: Account@gieva.org with the following information:

1. Details about the executed event with a brief report including (date, location, number of attendees, etc.)

2. Miles driven to and from each presentation and the amount requested (miles multiplied by GIEVA Organization’s rate per mile, (N200 =$0.50) currently Payments will be credited to a V-A’s bank account at the end of each month. 

Our finance department will send an email when they initiate a direct-deposit payment to the account. 

These emails are typically sent out on Thursdays, and the funds are generally credited to your account the first week of the new month.

In lieu of receiving mileage reimbursement, GV-A may write off the expense as a donation to GIEVA Organization.

To assist budget planning, in early January, send us an email itemizing your expenses for the preceding year (providing the information in items 1 and 2 above), and we will consider your expenses a contribution and send you a tax receipt.

Your contact is Elizabeth Temitope.  Please feel free to get in touch with Elizabeth Temitope if you have questions about the direct-deposit form or GIEVA Organization’s payment process: account@Gieva.org

 Program Credit for Names of Partner 4-Year College/university Added to the Mailing List

Upon submitting the names of presentation attendees, Volunteer-Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be awarded Volunteer-Ambassador Credits with each credit points equivalent to $1.00:

  • Each International Partner School Admission with potential for admission application fee waiver, opportunities for gaining partial or full scholarship by academically outstanding international students earns 50 credit points.
  •  Each name of supporter of GIEVA Organization programs and services earn 50 credit points.
  • Each new name obtained to be on GIEVA Organization Supporter Mailing List either during presentations or one-on-one sharing about GIEVA Organization’s activities and programs during the year earn 5 credit points subject to a maximum of 100 persons in a year.
  •  The V-A must utilize the earned credits within 24 months of receipt.
  • The credits can be applied to only roles played as GIEVA Volunteer-Ambassador.
  • The credit does not apply to airfare or incidentals.
  • The credit is not transferrable.

Program Credit for Blogging

Start a Blog that will link to the GIEVA Organization website or post a program review to receive a 25 credit points

 Email contact@gieva.org once you’ve completed your blog or program review to let us know

Credit for GIEVA Organization Alumni Formation. 

Alumni Group with a minimum enrollment of 15 active members and meets to discuss GIEVA Organization issues 5-10 in a year earns, the GVA award of $100.

Credit for Staffing Institution Outreaches Program, and Volunteer Initiatives 

Present at Institution Outreach programs with not less than 25 students earns an award of $50.

The Friends and Family Incentive

 Active G-V- A who have achieved the goal of adding 10 households to the mail list are eligible for the GIEVA Organization Friends and Family (FF) Benefit.

  • FF is profiled and included on GIEVA Organization website
  • FF gets discounts for all educational services offered by GIEVA Organization to members of the family and recommended students.
  • FF is offered free holistic educational advising and mentoring to only household members.
  • Annual Award for Friends and Family of GIEVA Organization in Diamond, Gold, Silver Support categories.
  • FF entitled to nomination of (Undergraduate & Graduate) students with outstanding academic and leadership potentials from economic disadvantaged families to compete for ($5,000, $10, 000, $25,000, $50,000 per annum for maximum of 7 of GIEVA Academic Scholarship Program subject to maintaining academic performance standard of GPA 3.5/4 minimum). The Scholarship Award competition applies for Colleges &Universities) in Nigeria, United States of America/Canada, Israel, Russia, China, Great Britain, and other parts of the world.

The GIEVA Volunteer – Ambassador will receive Friends and Family Email invite if the Ambassador meets the criteria for eligibility:

V – A has obtained over 100 adds to the mail list since joining the V- AP

V – A delivers at least two presentations during the current calendar year to share GIEVA activities, projects, and services.

V-A has served the GIEVA Organization for not less than 24 months.