Endless Possibilities. Endless Opportunities

Worldwide, PWDs cry:

We do not need sympathy!

We need only empathy!

All we require is an opportunity to live a life of dignity. 

Subsumed within the GIEVA-STEP program, is this 10-Year project plan – Educate and Empower 400 young adult Persons with Disabilities as future leaders in Nigeria. GIEVA, under its STEP, wants you to share in these questions emanating from persons with disabilities all over the world:

* Why should people ever feel relegated to a life of begging and culturally stigmatized because of their physical disability? 

* Do all humans not have one form of disability or the other? 

* Why should people who are blind or paraplegic be culturally stigmatized, excluded, and discriminated-against from normal societal rights and privileges? 

* Why are PLWD always subjected to public sympathy worldwide and not empathy?

We require an opportunity like other members of the society to co-create, co-innovate, and share societal responsibilities. We need your continued support for the GIEVA STEP’s project: - Educate and empower the young adults of Persons Living with Disabilities in Nigeria.

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