GIEVA Organization provides a holistic educational advising and learning services (HEALS). The HEALS is a collaborative effort anchored on partnership to create mutual values for university communities, students, parents, and other strategic partners. It is to create a sense of working together and build platforms for a culture of inclusion and sustainable development within the evolving global context.

Being a youth-educational- based organization, exchange of international students to share cultural experiences, stimulate spirit of service through volunteering, and inspire sustainable mind set among youth through leadership training are essential elements of GIEVA HEALS Program.

The HEALS’ partnership program is between the admission offices, Education related Volunteer Organizations, International Test Bodies (Education Testing Services, American Collegiate Test), High Schools/Universities in Nigeria, and GIEVA organization. GIEVA Organization is obligated to provide international standard best practices in seeking qualified students with outstanding potentials; guide the students to navigate through admission processes; and advocate for academic financial support for the students. We provide necessary visa/pre-departure orientations; we supervise student Internships, summer camp programs, and evaluate/monitor progress of students when admitted through HEALS program; We also facilitate the establishment /strengthen leadership of HEALS Alumni program globally. 

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