Daniel Newton Obaka (BSc, MLS, Ph.D.), graduated from Indiana University, USA. Worked with the government in education-related services for over twenty-five years, developed blueprints for establishing resource and information centers for inclusive services in Nigerian universities and research institutes.

Daniel co-founded the Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association (GIEVA), in 2006 as a platform for addressing education inequity in Nigeria, especially in marginalized communities.  He has been working for over 20 years in the nonprofit sector (2004 – He is the Executive Director of GIEVA Organization with three offices in Nigeria with partnerships drawn from Africa, the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, and Israel.

He initiated and established a platform for holistic education advising and learning with a strategic long-term mission to prepare and inspire a new generation of Nigerian youth for constructive engagement in sustainable national development through partnership and volunteerism.  With a passion for sustainable transformation education for young African leaders, he has designed an Intergenerational Transformative Transmission System Framework as bases for Sustainable Transformative Education Program (STEP) in the twenty-first century. Daniel facilitated the establishment of four demographic populations: – Youth Special Interest Group (YSIG); Women Special Interest Group (WIG), Disability Special Interest Group (DSIG), and Entrepreneurial Special Interest Group (ESIG) as constituent groups to engage in sustainable development goals and the mobilization of entrepreneurs for national development.

Daniel initiated the establishment of The Creative Hands in Organizational Innovations for Constructive Education & Sustainability (CHOICES) as an inclusive youth transformative educational empowerment program. It is designed as a club with a mission to reshape the lifestyle of students at secondary and tertiary education levels in Nigeria from system dependent mindset to self-reliance through club meetings, leadership training, skill acquisitions, talent identification, group project research, entrepreneurial skill acquisition, and innovation. Also, the GIEVA Organization’s CHOICES club is established as a platform for addressing Start–Up Nigeria for a sustainable future anchored on diversity, equality, and inclusion.

The Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association (GIEVA) is a youth-centered education empowerment non-governmental organization. It is committed to empowering Nigerian youth for constructive engagement and a sustainable future through education, cultural exchange, partnership, advocacy, & volunteerism. GIEVA is a member of the United Nations ECOSOC on Consultative Status. We are participating in the 2023 UN-ECOSOC Partnership Forum Virtual Side Events.

GIEVA is concerned about waste management in cities, its impact on people, air, scenery, health, and the environment. It has intervened in education, women and youth development, poverty, and agriculture across Nigeria. It works through its offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Jos respectively.

If not addressed, pandemics and outbreaks of diseases will multiply faster compared to more organized cities with infrastructural development.

In the past, Nigeria has witnessed the debilitating effects of Ebola, cholera, malaria, and typhoid fever among others. Hygiene and the environment are key health parameters that everyone must be concerned about.

The proposed intervention of GIEVA is creating a program of sustainable waste management and the creation of an environment where people can thrive in this post-COVID-19 era. Hygiene was a key factor in safeguarding the communities from the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposed intervention of drawing the attention of government, industry, and communities, to proper waste disposal, housing facilities, tree-planting, general town planning, metropolitan development, and managing the population, is key to sustainable socio-economic development.