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Educate and Empower 400 PLWD Leaders in Nigeria

The STEP program provides educational resources to 40 adolescents/young adults- 20 wheelchairs, 20 educational laptops with assistive technology/20 walking canes annually to enable access to quality education. This 10-Year educational strategic long-term project will build capacity for a critical mass of 400 leaders of persons living with disabilities (PLWD) in Nigeria, provides platforms for self-determination, equity, inclusion, diversity, and become catalysts for economic integration.

Nearly 9.1 million children are out of school in Nigeria with significant number of them living with disabilities due to extreme poverty. 25% of these secondary school graduates PLWD are adolescents/young adults seeking opportunities to have access to higher institutions across the country. A Nigerian PLWD activist -Ellen Thompson, 2019, brightly painted, “Adolescents/young adults need education, no PLWD all over the world want to beg! We want to create and make a difference in the society”.

STEP’s 10-year 400 critical mass PLWD leadership plan provides 20 wheelchairs, 20 laptops with assistive technology annually to empower PLWD adolescents/young adults to have access to resources for effective engagement in daily struggle for high quality education, equal treatment/dignity/freedom from system-dependence to self-dependence. Education is a proven way to alleviate poverty, empower self-determination, and gain equality/inclusion/diversity for fundamental human rights and dignity.

Long-Term Impact The project is a long-term investment strategy, which in ten years will build a critical mass of 400 PLWD leaders from among the adolescents/young adults through education opportunities, igniting platforms for self-determination, becoming a threshold to rise above poverty, gaining self- dependent mindset, and thus bringing sustainable empowerment in a world hungry for equal rights, diversity, inclusion, and constructive change for the common good of PLWD especially and the community at large.

Our choices projects for secondary schools require all our support to see that GIEVA achieves this goal of raising new breed of leaders by catching them young. Donors are at will to make the choice of what you want to donate to meet our needs. However donations to GIEVA can be made in kind or cash. More information can be gotten from our Abuja office.

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