ACT is a mission-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success. The organization is trusted as a national leader in college and career readiness, providing high-quality assessments grounded in nearly 60 years of research. From elementary school through career, ACT offers individuals a uniquely integrated set of solutions designed to provide personalized insights throughout their life.
ACT results are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the US. The ACT includes 215 multiple-choice questions and takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete, including a short break (or just over four hours if taking the ACT with writing). Actual testing time is 2 hours and 55 minutes (plus 40 minutes if taking the ACT with writing).
The ACT is administered on seven test dates within the US, US territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In other locations, the ACT is administered on five test dates.
Applicants can also get more information and resources about studying in the US and test- taking advice, by joining the ACT Educators Club at


There following are the ACT-CBT test centers currently in Nigeria:

For applicants (or organizations) who wish to be assisted through the registration process, such applicant (or organization) simply needs to download the application form here, (confirm that your desired test date is still available!)
NB: Each GIEVA-Assisted ACT Registration attracts an additional service charge of $10.