History of GIEVA Organization

It 2006.  Daniel and Ruth Obaka founded and incorporated the Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association as a not-for profit organization in Nigeria and 2008 founded a 501 (c.3) organization in the United States of America respectively. It is with a vision for building a system that provides global platforms for young African leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve potentials through educational services and programs.

Daniel and Ruth were motivated by the history of their lives to establish the organization. Daniel Newton Obaka was born into a very poor family and his wife Ruth Obaka into a Muslim family. Daniel lost his father at the age of six. His mother, though, an illiterate recognized the value of education and was not deterred by the immediate economic and social conditions and hardship. She sacrificed and provided the needed education for her son.

On the other hand, Ruth Obaka, overcame the obstacles that faced the girl-child education at that time and became a motivating factor and hope for other girls to access education and to obtain freedom from the manipulative “culture of male domination”.

Their recorded “educational timelines” impassioned them to establish the GIEVA organization, a vehicle to enable them “give back to society”.  With ability to identify and inspire young men and women with the same backgrounds, Daniel and Ruth lead young African leaders take a cause greater than self.

Recognizing the evolving globalization and education as key for constructive engagement, Daniel and Ruth extended their passion to inspire young generations of African leaders to imbibe quality, integrity, and community spirit for public good.  They are proud to see the Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association – a non-governmental/nonprofit organization in Nigeria and the United States respectively evolve into a system that creates shared – ownership mindset and develops shared – entrepreneurial and innovation values among the youth through education and networking.  GIEVA Organization is becoming an integrated non-for-profit organization anchored on sustainable development, partnership, and volunteerism.