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GIEVA Leadership and Mentoring Program (LAMP)

Our LAMP program is established to provide leadership training for the youth that will enable them imbibe “core values” as related to leadership in the emerging global society. It is a fact that, the global challenge for leadership today, is its misrepresentations of service with power. We believe that leadership goes beyond the ability to control. It is a conscious step taken and backed by determination to better the course of humanity. It is more than just power; it is service that gives one a privilege to contribute to the betterment of others. Thus, leadership is serving others.

LAMP will include motivational lectures and orientation, it is committed to raising dynamic new generation of youth that would be responsive to and endowed with innovative leadership and managerial skills in private, public and non profit organizations.

Collaborative and strategic partner organizations and Foundations are:

  • Amaranth Foundation, USA
  • Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association, Inc USA
  • Destination Indiana, USA
  • United States Embassy, Nigeria
  • Micro-Integrated Dev Ltd, Abuja Nigeria
  • Hope for the Blind Foundation, Nigeria
  • Educational Testing Service (USA)
  • HOBSONS International (USA)
  • Wusasa Business school