Creative Hands in Organizational Innovations for Constructive Education & Sustainability (CHOICES)

CHOICES is a school program designed to re-shape the lifestyle of Nigerian students in secondary school.

There is a desperate need to improve on the quality of education and activities in schools especially the public schools in Nigeria. The challenges facing education in Nigeria is complex. Issues such as limited access, increasing cost and decreasing quality of education need urgent attention.

Our CHOICES program is the GIEVA creative hands in organizational initiatives for constructive education & sustainability. It is designed to re-shape the lifestyle of Nigerian students at both secondary and tertiary education levels in Nigeria specifically and Africa in general. It is a program to orientate the young African leaders to imbibe the values of volunteerism and giving back to the community.

CHOICES is an attempt to address desperate and urgent need to improve on the quality of education and activities at all levels of education in Africa.  The challenges facing education in Nigeria specifically and in Africa in general is complex. They include limited access to resources by majority of the youth, decreasing quality and increasing cost of education, and lack of platforms for relevant global education.

CHOICES Goals and Objectives:

  • To reduce the drop-out syndrome and curb illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa. To enhance globalization by bringing sustainable and trans-formative education through networking.
  • To encourage active learning through engagement and building of the new generation of leaders.
  • To promote gender equality and empower the girl-child through trans formative education.
  • To develop a global partnership for sustainable development by providing opportunities for global competitiveness through educational products

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2012 Annual Report – CHOICES Club- Asokoro Government Secondary School

Before the establishment of the CHOICES club in our school at the beginning of 2012, the students only came to school to attend classes. There was no or little commitment from the side of the students to get involved in cleaning the environment of the school. The school environment was unkept and no one was responsible for the beauty of the environment.

Pieces of papers and dirt were thrown everywhere. There were no organized extra-curricular activities in place. Each student did was considered right in his or her eyes until the birth of CHOICES Club.

After the establishment and inauguration of the club and the new members, the teacher adviser challenged the new club members to take on the following challenges:

  1. Beautification of the school premise
  2. Formation of group study
  3. Define and develop code of conduct as requirements for membership.
  4. Identify a skill developing project for the year.

The year after inauguration of the club, the objectives set up were all realized:

  1. Trash baskets were provided and placed by the club in strategic parts of the school for the collection of all the trash. In a short period of time, the beautification of the premise drew attention of the school management with admiration and supports by supplying flower seeds and ornamental plants. The responsibility of the club is to be sure to pant, water and tend the flowers and plants.
  2. The group study, initiated by the club, ignited the interest among non-club members.
  3. The code of conduct guides became a pollination of ideas as club members lead by example – make sure to pick trash without being told; Tell your school mates to do the same without coercing any of your mates; and above all avoid bullying any other mates.
  4. The tie and dye’s first project attracted the support of parents to donate resources and support fund raising effort for the club.