CHOICES is a school program designed to re-shape the life style of Nigerian students in secondary school.
There is a desperate need to improve on the quality of education and activities in schools especially the public schools in Nigeria. The challenges facing education in Nigeria is complex. Issues such as limited access, increasing cost and decreasing quality of education need urgent attention.

A Quality education is the bedrock for a viable and sustainable political, social, cultural and rich economy.
According to a UNICEF Report Education in Nigeria is described as a disaster. This may not be farfetched from the various teachers strike leaving students roaming on the street, high poverty rate and low teaching and learning standards etc.

It is also estimated that about 10 million Nigerian Children are out of school. In most public schools, there are more than 70 students in a class. Some of these students sit on the floor to learn, under the trees while others are lucky to find a seat under the leaky roofs.

Fears are being envisaged that Nigeria may not meet to the stipulated target of the millennium Development Goal 2 Education which has to do with ensuring basic education for boys and girls in both the urban and rural setting.

The bulk of course lies on the government to make a change especially in the implementation of the policies. However, the government alone cannot achieve the much needed change. All hands must be on deck ranging from the civil society group, the private sector, the media and Non-Governmental Organisations.

As part of our effort to be part of the reforms in the education sector in Nigeria, the CHOICES program will introduce ways to make learning easier and more exciting for the students.

It will bring to the school aspects of life that are not normally taught in the school curriculum and will also provide scholarship for students with high academic potentials.

Goals and Objectives of Choices Program

  • Drastically reduce the drop-out syndrome and curb illiteracy.
  • Enhance globalization by bringing Education from all works of life to your door step through Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Encourage active learning through engagement
  • Build a whole new generation of leaders with Integrity
  • Promote Gender Equality and empower the girl-child
  • Help reduce the rate of sexually Transmitted diseases among young people through Advocacy.
  • Develop a global partnership for sustainable development.
  • Provide opportunities for global competitiveness through educational products.

Execution of Choices Program

The Choices Programme through GIEVA management will administer training to the Teachers or coordinator of the club in the school.
This activity would be evaluated regularly by Gieva’s project team and evaluate progress.

GIEVA will also provide support for projects as the need arises and advocacy.

GIEVA will also initiate projects that will be of great value to the school hosting Choices.

GIEVA will provide purposeful leadership for the success of these projects at each school.
Unique Features of Choices Program

  • The most outstanding student and school will be showcased on the GIEVA WEBSITE.
  • Scholarship will be awarded to students worthy of this benefit.
  • The students of schools where the choices club exist will have the opportunity to be computer literate before the project is over in the school.
  • Project and programs will be designed to meet specific areas of challenge within the school community.
  • Members of the club will become automatic volunteers in their host communities and become agents of change.